About Us

Canadian Permanent Makeup Academy (CPMUA)

CPMUA is the new wave in training for tattoo cosmetics. What separates us from conventional training?

Each of our courses offer a personal approach from award-winning industry leaders in a welcoming environment.

We offer several different courses to suit your availability and learning style.

We are committed to providing lessons and experiential learning that will help you take your craft to the next level, whatever your starting point may be.

Featuring award-winning tattoo artist Dan Welsh, and reputable Master Permanent Makeup Artist Lorena Welsh on the teaching roster, CPMUA teaches more than the cosmetic side of the industry. At CPMUA, we believe that learning to use your tattoo equipment properly can make all of the difference in your training experience and practice.

Our teaching is rooted in the modular system, which allows people with little or no tattooing experience the option to choose to work on developing their skills in one cosmetic procedure (eyebrows, for example) at a time. You can earn money applying tattoo eyebrows while you move on to new levels, practicing and gaining confidence in applying tattoo eyeliner and lips. Once you have mastered the eyebrows, the other areas become easier to learn.

We also offer masters courses for people who already have experience with tattoo cosmetics. Perhaps you were already working as a permanent cosmetic artist but are struggling with a certain procedure. If that is the case, you can book smaller one- or two-day courses to simply have more time with a qualified master and/or body tattoo artist. Our courses are flexible to help accommodate all learning styles and skill levels.

Because your safety and the safety of your customers is our highest priority, our course fees include a blood-borne pathogen and safe setup module.

If you are ready to start your new and exciting career in permanent tattoo cosmetics, CPMUA is the place to start. We treat our students like part of our team and we thrive on helping you succeed in a safe and friendly environment.